Reimagining a Creative Agency


Scope of Project

Logo Design
Identity Design
Web Design


Rebranding Tweak from a social media and marketing agency to a creative agency with a focus on business strategy.


A dynamic logo, identity and website that says "The new Tweak is here!"

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"In September 2019, I acquired a web agency in Wisconsin called Tweak Agency. The old owner had good name recognition and had many happy clients in the local area. Unfortunately the business lacked a “True North” strategy for growth. We were mired in contracts with low-value clients. Traditionally the business had a tendency to win projects based on price.  

Soon after acquiring the company, I knew it was necessary to bring in a new way of thinking and fresh ideas. We needed a new brand and a strategic plan to make it happen. Luckily I had met Sharif.

He and his team at Komi helped my new team think through the process of defining our new client personas. We put into words what we could do to differentiate in the marketplace and how to add more value to new future clients. The entire team came together for a two day Strategy Session.

It was a big change for us from the traditional and sophomoric process of “let’s make a new logo”. This was instead way more in-depth and thorough.

We used the client personas to help shape how we write copy to our new clients. The strategy session helped the entire team get behind the new direction by allowing us to see what unmet needs we could provide.

About a week later we got to see samples of the example Stylescapes. We picked one that we all really liked and were excited to use it as a visual blueprint for our new design.

Now we have a solid strategy, a new brand identity, plus renewed excitement to grow in a different way by focusing on higher level clients. We are in the process of designing the new website and creating the new packages for our new clients.

It has been a very worthwhile endeavor, and it was all made possible through the design and thinking that was facilitated by Sharif at Komi. I highly recommend the process of Strategy-First in order to gain a clear understanding of what an agency could become."

Dustin Overbeck
CEO • Tweak

Creative Director
Sharif El Komi

Osama Abuzid

Client Team

Dustin Overbeck
Miranda Roberts
Liz Swenson
Jerrica Wagner