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"The story of Northern Sky Theater (Northern Sky) begins with Dave Peterson, a professor from Madison, Wisconsin who taught a one-month course about the folklore of the Great Lakes at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay, in January 1970."

Northern Sky Theater is a household name around Door County, Wisconsin.

"The Theatre is dedicated to maintaining standards of artistic excellence; celebrating and illuminating the human condition; reaching a large audience of all ages, including families; and fostering a humanistic work environment with adequate and appropriate emotional, financial and creative support for all those associated with us."

And after so many years of doing so at their outdoor theater, NST built an all new indoor theater: The Gould Theater.


NST's image has been strongly associated with their outdoor theater over the years. With the new Gould theater at a large enough distance from the outdoor theater, the challenge was to rebrand Northern Sky Theater in a way that can accommodate both locations within its visual language.


An uplift to the logo along with a "dual visual identity" that uses color and iconography to both highlight the two different locations, and show that they both come together to form the whole – Northern Sky Theater.

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Business Strategy
Dustin Overbeck

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Miranda Roberts

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Sharif El Komi

Osama Abuzid

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Dave Maier
Ann Birnschein